Internet of Business Announces Rebrand - Internet of Manufacturing & Internet of Supply Chain Change to Manufacturing X.0 & Supply Chain X.0

After five years, Internet of Business’ established events for industrial decision-makers adopt a new look, rebranding as Manufacturing X.0 and Supply Chain X.0.

After five years, Internet of Business' established events for industrial decision-makers adopt a new look, rebranding as Manufacturing X.0 and Supply Chain X.0.

Formerly the Internet of Manufacturing and Supply Chain, the events have always stood out for their ability to present new case studies in successful business change, driven by manufacturing and supply chain leaders' technology adoption. Taking a quality over quantity approach, Internet of Business' technology end user audience has always enjoyed the intimate environment of 300+ attendees - 60% of them working within similar manufacturing and supply chain decision-making roles.

Lucy Ashton, Managing Director, Internet of Business, comments, "The new Manufacturing X.0 and Supply Chain X.0 names better reflect the content the events continue to present on Industry 4.0 and digital transformation plans. Bringing case studies from the executives involved in business strategy and technology initiatives, we continue to provide a place to share knowledge and reach consensus about approaches to managing people, products and processes."

Running May 24-27, 2021, the upcoming Manufacturing X.0 & Supply Chain X.0 USA Virtual Events showcase best practice in meeting business goals through technology adoption and change management.

The 2021 agenda is led by C-Level to Director presenters, panelists and live discussion hosts from companies including Airbus, American Airlines, Celanese, Cardinal Health, Caterpillar, Emerson, Henkel, Lockheed Martin, Novartis, Novelis, P&G, and more.

Delivering four 'short but sweet' quality days, the virtual event is designed with the audience's schedules and viewing preferences in mind. Attendees have access to three hours of content per day, including two live presentations with audience Q&A, and two live interactive sessions. In addition, registrants can join the MxD Future Factory Tour, which returns for the fifth year with a new focus on OT Security for 2021.

About Internet of Business
Internet of Business (IoB) was established in 2016 to fill a gap in vertical enterprise markets for peer-led learning and networking to understand and effectively leverage the technology advancing job roles, organizations and wider markets. IoB has successfully built an engaged community within leading US enterprise sectors, who rely on our live event and digital content to make technology buying decisions to forward strategy and operations with.

Focused on end-user lessons, IoB content presents peer-led case studies, showcasing those who have bought, built and implemented IoT and new technologies, and ensures that pre-qualified end technology users make up at least 60% of our event audiences. Everything we produce is centered around peer-2-peer learning and networking. Those affected by the technology-led change, leave with the knowledge and network to advance their businesses by leveraging necessary components and partners within the IoT ecosystem.

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