SelfCAD Launches a 3D Design Competition

The design competition will give you a chance to win either a Cetus MK3 Printer or a Longer Orange 30 3D printer. In addition to that, you will also be able to improve your SelfCAD design skills. You don't need to have previous experience in 3D modeling or in using SelfCAD, the learning curve of SelfCAD is very simple.

SelfCAD is welcoming all 3D designers to participate in the 3d design competition hosted by the Mymininfactory. We understand that every 3d designer aims to have their work and ideas recognized. Participating in the challenge will not only allow the participants to get a chance to win the prizes but will also be able to improve their design skills. Haven't heard SelfCAD and Myminifactory before? Let's get to know more about them!

What is SelfCAD?
SelfCAD is a simple online 3D modeling and design software for both beginners and professionals in 3D modeling. It was designed by Aaron Breuer, who is also the CEO of the company in 2016. SelfCAD is the only CAD program with combined technical, artistic, and 3D printing features all under one software. Users can be able to model. Sculpt, and slice without the need for an additional program.
To learn more about SelfCAD, visit You can as well as watch the video tutorial on Youtube to learn more. Having learned about SelfCAD, let's now learn about Myminifactory.

What is Myminifactory
Myminifactory is the home to 3D models. It contains a lot of libraries of models uploaded by different artists. 3D artists can join and share their 3D models, and anyone can as well join and download 3D models for free, though others need one to pay some dollars.
The myminifactory also hosts 3D design competitions. You can check out the previous and current competitions on their competitions page.

About SelfCAD and Myminifactory Design Competition
The competition will give you a chance to test SelfCAD software for free even you haven't tried it before or use the skills you've already gained while using SelfCAD to create something creative and get a chance to win some cool prizes.

There are three themes you will need to choose from. That is, architecture, prototypes, and musical. If you're an architect or like designing architectural designs, you can go for the architecture category. If you're into product development, you can go for Prototypes, and finally, if you're much into musical designs, you go for the musical category. You don't need to have experience in using SelfCAD or any other CAD software, SelfCAD is intuitive and has a simple learning curve.

SelfCAD also has tools that work directly on the mesh, and this saves you hours of mesh operations that you would have spent if you were using other programs. The "Magic fix" tool helps you prepare your designs for printing; hence you don't need to export your models to any slicing software!

The process of submitting your Designs
Visit the SelfCAD website and log in or register for a free account if you're not a user. After you've logged in, you can begin creating your designs. You can get some inspirations from a video list of an educator who's stack at home in quarantine.

Once you've designed your model, you can export it directly to myminifactory through SelfCAD. Myminifactory has partnered with SelfCAD, and it's integrated into the SelfCAD program.

The first position will receive a Cetus Mk3 Standard printer, and the second position will get a Longer Orange 30 3D printer.

The competition closes on 28th August 2020. Submit your designs today, and get a chance to win the above prizes! You can get more details and tips through the SelfCAD Myminifactory competition page. In case you have any questions, you can reach out to the SelfCAD team through

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