COVID-19 Virus is disrupting tooling validations in China but spawns new business opportunities by way of Third-Party approval of tooling before shipment.

China has closed all boarders due to the thread of another COVID-19 Virus outbreak and not expected to reopen until early 2021. Tooling programs that have started need to be validated before shipment as well as many new programs starting that will also need validations, with no foreigners able to visit China for the validations what are the options?

Shenzhen, China July 3, 2020 -- Most countries in the world rely on the capabilities and capacity of China's injection mold tooling industry for fast and reliable tooling construction. After validation in China the tools are shipped to global destination for molding production. A standard procedure for many years was to send tooling engineers to China to approval plastic part dimensional studies, produce samples and the final tooling validation (buyoff) before shipment. This is not possible now, but neither is shipping programs without validations. Even if you have a great relationship with your supplier you simply cannot allow the supplier to do the validation, it must be done by the engineering team, even if remotely.

At YSM Mould we have developed a team of tooling engineers from the USA and England to manage Third-Party tooling validations in conjunction with our internal quality and engineering department that will work with your engineering team, we are an extension of your team. We monitor and report all aspects of the trial(s) until the tooling is ready for shipment.
 Present at all trials
 Record all molding parameters during tooling trials
 Record and validate resin specification, molding temperatures, drying, usage, etc.
 Available for video conference call during the trials
 Manage sample requirements, shipments and part dimensional reports
 Final inspection before shipments, packaging, documentation and pickup.

Cost of Third-Party (YSM) validations vs direct labor validations
2 Engineers for Validations (typical for 1 week, USD)
Flights $2,000
Hotel $1,400
Meals $1,500
Incidentals $1,000
Salaries $10,000
Total $15,900

*YSM Validation Service, $3,000 to $4,000 (Per Week and can manage up to 20 tools per week) Price negotiable depending on the numbers of weeks required.

*Even if you just need a second set of eyes to meet your current supplier and evaluate the tooling, video conference, photos, schedule review, material issues, etc., we can do that with a day rate of $900.
Real time communication and reporting with reliable engineering and quality staff that can help you achieve your programs goals and timelines.

About YSM:
YSM Mould. is a global high-tech custom plastic injection molder and tool builder, founded in Hong Kong with facilities in Shekou and Songgon District, Shenzhen, China with annual sales over $15 million USD. Serving the medical, industrial, appliance, consumer and automotive industries for more than 20 years, YSM delivers innovative manufacturing and design solutions that meet the performance and quality demands of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

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